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Got Features? 3 Must-Have Phone System Features For A Successful And Innovative Business

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Every business has a different set of communications needs. Your competitor across town may need something different than you. However, there are a few modern features that are a must-have for any business who wants to give employees a leg-up in providing quality phone service to customers and develop lasting customer relationships.


Although it would be nice to always be available to your customers, the truth of the matter is that you're not. Sometimes you have to leave the office for an errand or a trip. This makes it difficult for your customers to reach you. With mobility features, you can be accessible to customers regardless of whether you're in the office, across town or in another state.

Calls can be automatically transferred to your cell phone because you'll basically have an office extension on-the-go. You'll never miss an important call ever again. Plus, you'll never be unable to return a call because you're on your personal cell phone because the number that will display to your customer is your business extension.

Integrated Messaging

Simplicity is always a game-changer in the business world and communications can be made simpler with integrated messaging. Rather than having to check for faxes at a fax machine or spend extra time dialing your voicemail system to retrieve a voice message, all communications can be delivered directly to your company e-mail inbox.

To make things even easier, your voice messages can be transcribed and sent to you via text and/or e-mail. This avoids frantically scribbling names, addresses and phone numbers and then having difficulty trying to read them later.  


Virtual meetings can now be held through a web browser. Usually, it can be set up with a few simple clicks of the mouse and a link is sent to the participants of the conference. Nothing has to be downloaded in order to use this or even install multiple plug-ins for the web conference to work.

Additional features with videoconferencing include a floor monitor that can manage hand-raises, providing microphones to participants, muting attendees and more. This makes the conference incredibly simple for the person running the show. Otherwise, things can get a bit confusing and messy.

Modern phone features such as these are crucial to the overall success of your business, as these feature helps your employees work more productively and efficiently. These modern features also ensure that business relationships are maintained. Be sure to check with your business phone system provider (such as Tele-Plus) about these features and any other modern features that can help you run a successful business by staying connected with your customers and making life easier on your employees.